I'm utterly scared of reaching the end of my TODO list, it would mean that there is nothing left to do, that everything I did, lead to no new ideas to try.

@neauoire After millenia of human activity, the likelihood your TODO list contains all of the ideas humanity has yet to try is quite small, but the fear that you have little left to contribute can sometimes feel very real

@neauoire I have no doubt you'll soon find a new treasure trove of things to add to the list!

@neauoire it will be time to search for radical new inspiration

@neauoire I saw a youtube video review of a sub $50 rc car. That lead me to diy self-driving robot cars that in turn led me to cheap range scanner sensors and now I want to build a sub $100 lidar scanner. This will/can/should never end.

@neauoire Make a to-don't list so you'll have tons of things to not do every day

@uonai I've todoed all day! Don't you know what todoing is?

@neauoire todo lifestyle, todo makes everything worth it

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