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"What is Anarchism" - by Comrade Maxwell (I would like to share important points that are made in this video):

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5. That's why anarchists believe that it's crucial that the people take power by themselves and create a decentralized direct-democratic society that serves the interest of all, and not just a few.

4.2. (continuation) This is why private property is so strictly enforced, why businesses get so many subsides, why we are thrown in wars that only benefit the few. The state doesn't care about us, all it cares about is who will give them the most power and how fast.


4.2. There's a group that relies and thrives on increasing state's power: the capitalists. Power does not come from the ballot box (tho, for me personally, that doesn't mean you can't vote at all. The act of voting does not somehow magically prevent you from engaging in more direct forms of praxis and activism. You can, and should, do both!) but instead from how much money you own. (continues)


4. The State can be defined as:
β€’ A monopoly on the right to use physical force.
β€’ This physical force being "professional" or institutional.
β€’ Centralization of power into the hands of a few.

4.1. We give up our power and autonomy expecting the state will fulfill the public's needs. But instead the state abuses this power and do whatever they want. And we can see the state increasing its power: mass surveillance, militarization of the police, etc.

3. So, that's exactly what socialism is. Direct democratic ownership and control of the places we live in, work in and use.

2.1.3. If there's no property owner the workers would still produce, the business would still profit and because there's no property owner the workers would get the full value of what they produced. And instead of the property owner making all the decisions about the business, the workers would instead. This kind of business is known as a cooperative, where the workers have completely democratic control of the workplace.

2.1.2. Private property is not some natural law, if you look back in history, there was none. Land used to be held in common by people who lived on it and used it. In the 18th century those lands were taken and given to single owners, it's known as the enclosure movement that happened in Britain.

2.1.1. The private property's owner dictates everything about it. If it's an apartment complex, they decide the price, who can stay, how many can stay, what the conditions are, what you can do or can't do to your room, everything. If they are a boss of a workplace, they decide how much you make, what you'll be doing, how you will be doing, how long you work, everything. And so on. We give up our power to the people who own private property, so nothing justifies it.

2. Capitalism is based upon three pillars: wage labor, private property and capital accumulation.

2.1. Private property is something that you own and use to exploit others: like factories, offices, apartments and land.

(On the other side, personal property is something that you own and have the intention of using yourself, without the exploitation of others: like your car, your house, or your toothbrush. Socialists are not against it).

1. Anarchism can be boiled to the abolition of all unjustified hierarchies.

1.1. If there's a system that does not benefit all individuals affected by it, it should be dismantled or if needed find an alternative system that would best benefit all individuals.

1.1.1. That's why anarchists are against capitalism and the state and for socialism and (direct) democracy.

"What is Anarchism" - by Comrade Maxwell (I would like to share important points that are made in this video):

People are currently doing more propaganda against the state than against capitalism. I will share my thoughts about.

In my opinion we need more anti-capitalist propaganda because capitalism oppress us more than the state tbh.

Note that I am not saying anti-statist propaganda isn't important, on the contrary, I support it because it's obviously a oppressing system as well.

But it's not like we will get rid of capitalism by getting rid of the state, it's not a one way path, it's reciprocal.

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