One thing is to keep the animation playing and move, pan, zoom around. Other thing is to plan camera and light movement. Totally different joys.

I'm catching myself designing tracks every time my brain goes on stand-by.

I have a feeling I will loose myself to Blender physics for a while.

I made another imaginary machine πŸ˜‚

It looks like a pager and runs a 1D cellular automata with 4 rules operating on a 16 cell tape.

I wanted to design a machine that would display on a LCD screen or even simple LEDs. The idea is to latch the tape on a GPIO port so you can write arduino-like applications on the run, standalone.

I'm pretty happy with the output idea but I'm not sure what to do about input. Also not sure about the whole design, but it's kind of ridiculous, kind of familiar, kind of weird hahaha

Here's a simulator, run the engine by pressing "q":

The chapter on Bruno Munari saved this book for me.

It comes from a place I don't have good memories, (the Design with capital D) but it's otherwise an interesting book!

It talked to me about the emergence of design requirements and I think this is related to solarpunk. To design a technology that requires a "new gestalt" with the planet, all of it.

In most visualization of the elementary cellular automata, initial conditions usually start with one cell alive on an empty tape. Initial conditions sometimes are more important than the rules.

I think the 256 elementary cellular automata can be simplified even further to use less than 8 rules. And still kind of works!

It turns out that generating the isometric tiles in 3D is so much easier! I don't think it looks as interesting as the vector version but I'm excited with the idea of mixing 3D and 2D graphics!

This version of Isoland also comes with a seed input for the random generator:

I'm much more pleased with this nature theme isometric tiles. The isometric perspective is really fun but also tricky to align and find what tile is under the mouse...

Making this was a cool exercise! I found out to generate this maps, 81 different tiles (counting rotations) are needed. Drawing them by hand was an interesting mix of boring and relaxing. It made me realise it would be a LOT OF WORK to add mountains, for instance hehehe

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