I think this is one of my own favorite projects of all time! It's 2 continuous servos connected to a lipo battery powered esp8266 that hosts a webpage with a remote control. I spent more hours than you can imagine playing with it.

One of my favorite games when I was a young child was a bottle cap race. Looking back, the realisation that anywhere I would go I could find the toy and the track could be literally anything I could get away with (even the absence of track is a track design) was very important. So much that today I work for a company that has the moto "The World is a Construction Kit".

I think this project is my grown-up, wealthier version of this childhood memory. I made so many tracks and little vehicle designs (especially tire design, that ended up to be more important than I anticipated): (little house <3)

Yesterday a friend showed me this project they made at the school he worked in China and I was so happy to see my code running and being part of this wacky project learning <3

@tralfamadore Me gusta mucho flexagons! Conosci por primera vez los caleidociclos de Escher cuando estudiaba fisica en la universidad. El del video es muy bueno!!! ❤️ No me imagino una máquina que te manipule pero pensé algo como estas cosas de doblar camisas? Realmente no lo sé... Pero el desafío es muy interesante!

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