SBC, ideas for keeping folks informed of issues 

Anybody remember @towncrier? The bot who would automatically post updates when new discussion topics started on the SBC Loomio? That was a really cool thing. I like seeing tools that help keep people in the loop.

Discourse (what the discussion forum at is built on) has chat integration that lets you automatically send notifications about new topics and posts (or replies), but not for ActivityPub as far as I can tell (though there is support for Matrix).

Mastodon recently introduced instance-wide announcements, which could fill a similar role, but I use an Android client and it'll probably be a little while before that feature gets implemented on it.

I auto-followed a couple of mods when I joined the instance, which helped keep me informed on admin issues. I've been checking the relevant tags I know of today, although I tend to forget to do that.

Are there other ideas I'm missing?


SBC, ideas for keeping folks informed of issues 

@towncrier Update: thanks to @puffinus_puffinus pointing out (a tag I'd forgotten) I discovered @SunbeamCoop by @psilocyclin, which I think is a great idea:

SBC, ideas for keeping folks informed of issues 

@mossbriar @towncrier @puffinus_puffinus @SunbeamCoop @psilocyclin we need to start using hashtags. Like for real.

SBC, ideas for keeping folks informed of issues 

@teslas_moustache @SunbeamCoop It looks like there are three or four in regular use, and I'm not actually opposed to tag proliferation in principle (co-op discussions versus block announcements versus technical advisories, etc), but currently it does mean that related news gets fragmented into several different channels: , , , etc.

It'd be pretty cool if we could consolidate them transparently--e.g. what if we had a news bot that boosted all the posts tagged with whichever hashtags people use for discoverability? Then people posting wouldn't have to remember all the tags others might be following, and conversely they wouldn't need to remember to track several different tags to keep up with whatever news did get tagged. Or if this is too hard to automate we could have the hypothetical SBC librarian(s) I think was suggesting curate feeds of (tagged) posts people could subscribe to.

SBC, ideas for keeping folks informed of issues 

@teslas_moustache @SunbeamCoop To be clear, I'm not arguing that people are already using hashtags enough. I said "in regular use" when I should have said "established".

SBC, ideas for keeping folks informed of issues 

@mossbriar @SunbeamCoop oh yeah. I'm with you on the town crier bot. I'm just saying if...OK, specifically what I'm saying is that there needs to be a tag for blocking and suspending users because currently that type if post is totally uncategorized

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