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So I'm going to stop using the tag. I don't know if it just wasn't snappy enough, but it never caught on like I hoped it would, as a hub for knowledge and instructions

Instead, I'm going to try and introduce a new one: . Again, I encourage anyone to post practical resources with this hashtag! Let's help each other out!


(P.S. If you're scrolling through the tag right now, this is your cue to switch to for my older posts in this vein)

Also, Electronic Frontier Foundation was instrumental in discovering the usage of this coding mechanism and helping protect whistleblowers. They’d be a good group to support if you ever have spare cash.

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Okay there’s a tool you can use that can help you decode what’s being printed onto your paper and can also help you anonymize your printing. I would highly recommend using and sharing!

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Wow I just found out that color printers add coded dots onto every page you print so that it can be traced back to where and when it was printed. Umm.... did anyone else know about this

The world's largest organism is an amarillia fungus that covers 4 square miles in Oregon. It is almost invisible though as it lives under the bark of trees.

I’m gonna make a thread of the nature pics my dad texts me each evening

Picture of a toadstool 

I'm not a fan of how cold it's getting but this is peak autumn aesthetic

Pics from our hikes in South Carolina a couple weeks ago. My sister took them 💙🌱

Is anyone good at taking care of succulents? I need help/advice

Im finally tryna officially move accounts around rather than just lettin em sit lol. This is actually gonna be my alt. My mains gonna be I think anyway I’m gonna eventually delete my but for now it’s redirecting. Anyway I’m tryna refollow everyone from my old account so yeah ❤️

Ok so I just got the toot! App and ..... it’s nice but can I use emojis on this one

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