Anyone seen
Service for connecting people & businesses with food surplus to people / orgs who need free food.

Thoughts? Their FAQ says they're supported by businesses paying it.

G'mornin Martin!
So it looks -from reading the "about"- like posting food on freecycle or your local garage sale site more or less?
This would probably work well in localities where a critical mass of people can be encouraged to adopt the app.


Apparently Pret and some other big corps are behind it. It's wonderful for their PR obviously and probably reduces their fees for food waste disposal, so I can see how it's come about.

It also seems like an actual good idea? My wife tells me there's some traction in the area we live in so I'll sign up and let you know how it goes.

I have previously screwed up grocery orders and ended up with surplus to give away (I never wasted it, just I don't always want to eat 4kg of oranges)

This should work for you then, keep me posted!

I'd never heard of Pret. Looks like there are 90 in the so-called us - all seem to be in large metro areas. This should pan out well for them.

@mfashby @kawaiipunk thanks :)

Re: the SSL - I suspect what you're seeing is actually a "mixed content" issue (as groups can use markdown for the descriptions, one group has an http:// protocol image), I made a CSP policy which will block those, but only deployed it to our dev site for now :) (was running it in prod in report-only mode to see what comes up).

Another approach is to proxy insecure images via our server, but takes time to code + bandwidth.

If you have other tips I'm all ears!

@mfashby @kawaiipunk I just put the CSP policy out of "report only" mode, so should be ok now! Let me know if you still see a warning.

@nicksellen @kawaiipunk
It is indeed a mixed content issue 🙂
It would be preferable to enforce Https images. I think there's a variety of CDNs who can do image hosting over Https for little to no money, I'll have a look later.

It feels like BS sometimes but having that green tick does help ease people's minds about security.

@kawaiipunk @mfashby the food saving startups have a bunch of VC-funding, and they will need to find a way to profit to pay it back, karrot is unfunded/volunteer/co-op-ish, and takes the "community", open source approach, which might be slower but also trying to support ownership, empowerment, and democracy.

Also more like a federated model, as each food saving group is independent, they just use the software.

See for more stories, or forum at :)

@nicksellen @kawaiipunk

I agree with and approve of these principals. I wonder if olio would be open to integrating with or using karrot?

Also why did olio not take this approach already? 🕵️

@nicksellen @kawaiipunk
The answer could be these projects just don't know about each other.

@mfashby @kawaiipunk I met the Olio people a couple of years back, we know about each other 😎

There is a lot of infrastructure to support VC-funded startups, and it fits in a consumer world (free apps for users and lots of £££ behind the scenes to make it all happen).

When moving away from profit-orientated models, it's hard! We rely on independently active/motivated user groups - I'm just a software dev :/ ... but I believe in the model to empower independent community groups.

@mfashby @kawaiipunk as for integrating, would feel a bit like mastodon integrating with twitter 😉

It's not just about what the users do, or the general aims, but the organisational structure behind the whole thing - and the various motives/incentives.

The bottom line for a business is profit. For Karrot, there is no simple bottom line, it'll carry on existing so long as people find it useful and we can keep it running!

@nicksellen @kawaiipunk

Yep that's fair, and I can see how this has happened. Thanks for entertaining my silly questions :)

One one hand, I can see people getting annoyed at different apps to do the same thing. Fragmentation is irritating.

On the other hand, I can see karrot being ready to stop in if Pret decides to trash olio (or they sell everyone's data, or do something else that money-making businesses do but people don't like).

Just having people be aware that these apps exist is a good thing I think.

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