2nd idea of the day

Is a crowd-sourced CDN a dumb idea? It already happens I guess, see bittorrent. But what about just regular websites with high traffic and low cash money?

I definitely have spare bandwidth and a machine that's always on.

@mfashby i think dat or ipfs or something of that generation of tools has got some of those features. What else were you thinking?

@mfashby the other question is it actually going to be faster than serving up static content via the webserver itself...

@jackolas 🤷‍♀️ Just an idea. I have no numbers to back it up, but I would guess that fetching from a residential IP in your neighbourhood is faster than a cheap webserver somewhere very remote

@jackolas Also cloud providers charge for transfer above a cap, e.g.
so if your site becomes popular, and you aren't making money through ads, then you're gonna have to pay...

@mfashby well you'd eyant to compare to a proper cdn option idk what amazon calls theirs but i bet that isn't actually very expensive per gb for a small group of your files and there's ofc object storage for user media

Gotta do some calculating and testing. This was only a half baked idea. Throwing it on the half baked ideas pile now.

@mfashby them providing their content as torrents should solve this right?

Yeh I guess so. It's just not that convenient for e.g. a popular webcomics to provide content as torrent

@mfashby Surely a load balancer that sits in front of torrented files isn't *that* hard?

bwim I would expect somebody better versed in the relevant concerns to have already made such a thing?

It's not the same as having some mechanism for fully distributed content, but it at least allows for the distribution of storage/sourcing, in a manner that's invisible to existing web protocols.

@swift the trigger for this idea was - cloudflare et. charge money for a service. Could that service be gratis for those that can't pay for it? Using existing bittorrent as a backing could work.

@mfashby I am less sure about images, but for downloads and stuff at least!

@mfashby am familiar (it's in my backlog of "things I'd do if I had a server lying around")

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