I want to start a tool library. Why is this idea not more popular?
I didn't want to buy so many tools but my friends don't have them.
So now I have a bunch of tools that I used for one job. They're not really worth the overhead of selling.

I actually have a real library just down the road from me. I wonder if I can bolt on there.

Need to chat to the librarian when I'm next in there.


Fantastic idea :) I hope you figure out a decent way to keep lenders off the liability hook if people borrow tools they don't know how to use and get hurt. 'Cause I could see that potentially becoming a problem.

@Avalon @mfashby There's a group here that's been running an extensive and very successful tool library since the '80s. They might be a good model to check out in regards to these types of details.


Ace thanks, I'll take a look.
This is just an idea that's been in the back of my mind for a while, I've not given it serious consideration until today.

@mfashby we were actually talking about trying to do that with our university recently, there are expensive tools that almost never need use that the university has bought repeatedly due to professors not communicating with each other... And of course opening it to the public would be even better!

@mfashby There are a couple of them around me, one of which I helped (small role) set up. They're pretty great, imho.

I used to work at an organization that would loan people that were starting construction jobs a set of basic hand tools, PPE, and a tool belt. As they started earning money and as they could afford to, they would buy their own set and return the set they'd borrowed.

There are a lot of ways you can take this idea and that can really help people. :)

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