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hey!!! hey today wasn't bad! it wasn't... like, good or anything. but it wasn't bad!!

feeling burned lately from just how awful and mean people can be.

tell me not to read the comments on a hateful thing. convince me. ugh.

I need to be on some boulders near a waterfall out of cell range right now. I need to be a little cold but wearing a trusty jacket. I need dirt under my nails and the rush of wind through the conifers. I cannot stress enough how important this is.

mh, nonverbal moods 

made my first vocalization in about 13 hours, too bad it was a gravelly yelling noise because I remembered something dumb I said once

Hello pretty people! Here are some more abstract pieces I worked on for the last couple of days. Feel free to comment, would love to hear your thoughts! ❤️
#abstractart #mastoart

Have a look at this text editor with

unicode support
custom syntax highlighting
open source license

(Website is quite gif-heavy, expect a lot of movement and some flashing)

😭 I'm in so much pain today and can't walk/move right but I'm too much of a coward to call out of work (where I walk/move for not enough money)

(baby's first direct action was today, hope y'all are proud of me)

I have to remember that my action has to come from a place of hope and not a place of recklessness and a lack of self preservation. I need a hug and I don't know how to ask for one from the right people.

mh, death mention 

hahaha, my brain has decided that I don't understand every concept in my classes right away, therefore I should probably die

what does it take for me to call myself a botanist?

Hey, #botany and #plant friends of Mastodon: Send me your recommendations on what to read/watch to learn the basics of plant biology.

I'm a lay person, but would like to get a grasp of the key mechanisms at work in plant life. Long reads are good, as long as they start with the equivalent of high school biology.

#askmastodon #askfediverse

I'm sitting by an energetic, bonded group of friends and I feel the benefits of being around happy people without having to participate

#Fediverse folks -- who's writing about the ethics of using SciHub to conduct research? for use cases such as bibliometrics research, systematic reviews, network analysis, but could be any research use case I s'pose


I anticipate these will open this week. I'll have to get a step ladder to tend this bit, it's literally over my head in height along the driveway.

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