cw messy kitchen πŸ™ƒ got my pourover coffee rig set up! very basic but I'm also very depressed lmao

drawn nudity (one artistic nipple). Made a nice spread for this week with the help of a comrade's washi tape!

yes I may have fallen hip deep in the peat. but I'm happy. this is my place away from the stresses of life.

after a long week of organizing and meetings and anarchy, finally having some me time on a plant collecting trip.

I'm hungry and dehydrated but putting my baby plants on the baby table made me smile

A mentor of mine taught me the basics of last night! Made a neat little keychain.

Really in awe over my science today. This moss was collected when I was just a baby. It may not grow today where it did decades ago. I am accessing the history of my place.

I've been doing my physics homework for 8 hours and my midterm is tomorrow... I'm fucked so enjoy this photo of a very soft dog I met today during hour 2

I'm getting in the groove of doing nature restoration every Saturday. Reflection selfie (no ec)

Nothing brought me more joy today than meeting Big Chungus, who was named by students in the intro organismal bio class

Got my second-ever email ending with "In Solidarity" today. Don't know why, but it gave me butterflies. Badly drawn comic below of the moment.

Here's a very bad/rough comic I drew to vent some emotions about my recent interest in direct action 

I have no idea how to caption this so I put a summary in the caption but I'm happy to completely write out the comic a/n.

Did some habitat restoration today 😁 Really improved my mental health to get outside.

Bullet journal spread including anatomical heart drawing 

Does anyone else here ? I've been doing this for three years-ish and I'd love to network with more ppl who do it.

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