I've been particularly affected lately by something that happened at an action. I was being harassed by someone and when we briefly looked at each other, I realized that we're both poc with heritage in the same bioregion. 

and that hurt. I was acting for the lives of myself and people like me, and to know that someone I was fighting for was working against me...

something in me begs for the idea that they could change their minds, that they could be lifted from the structures they support that in fact oppress them- oppress *us*. I yearn to open my mouth. "can't you see your people will hurt you? can't you see that their ideal world will drive us both into the ground? get out, you're not safe there!"

yes, they could change and I hope they can, but I won't be the agent. I can't be. when I work for the lives and rights of my minority groups, I work for their rights too... whether they realize they need it or not. it's complicated. I wish I could write a cool article about this.

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