WikiLeaks has obtained agreed Assange press strategy
1. UK lead
2. Ecuador will say Assange has broken many of its invented "asylum terms"
3. UK will say won't let US kill Assange, due process. Ecuador will pretend that this is a concession and that asylum was for death penalty.

Hello! I know I already spoke about it, but #Plume is on Crowdin now, so you can translate it very easily. All you need is an account, and to know English and another language. Some translations are already quite complete, but some others still need to be improved.

If you want to help here is the link:

You don't have to translate it all, doing just a few messages already helps a lot.

I think a new release will happen soon, so it would be nice if Plume was well translated at this moment.

If your language is not available, or if have questions, just tell me, I'm here to help.

Thank you! 💜

(Boosts appreciated)

@Gargron Twitter algorithm: You should follow "insert controversial 'celeb' here."

Mastodon algorithm: there isn't one. You simply follow your heart.

the fact that all government-used software isnt mandated by law to be open source blows my fucking mind

PSA - Brave "privacy" browser is malware 

first, they sold exceptions to privacy tracking to Facebook and Twitter, now it comes out they've got a header override that allows them to set header exceptions on demand.

don't use this garbage.

Solarpunk page on the wiki has been updated with more LeGuin, featuring links to audiobooks of The Left Hand of Darkness, The Dispossessed and The Word for World is a Forest

Stephen Pinker can get it,
and by 'it' I mean a punch in the face 🤓 🤛

Hello world! Happy to finally be part of the Mastodon community. Follow us if you are interested in #privacy #personaldata #dataexploitation and #surveillance, we'll be talking a lot about these.

#newcomer #presentation

Instance recommendations, please! :) 

Hey can anyone help me find an instance that would match with someone who's looking for darker art, "like Basquiat's work," crude expressionism is good, where the emphasis isn't necessarily based on technical skill?

Thanks in advance! Boosts appreciated

The move by US surrounding is quite brazen, considering that 's elected government still operates. Not quite sure what his options are, hopefully could devise a way to help out.

Am fully expecting direct attempts on his life to intensify in the coming weeks.

It's finally here! is live. Currently an open instance, but please read the rules before joining.

This is a #WriteFreely instance devoted to #SFF and other genres of fiction.

There is also a public feed for anyone who wants to see what kind of stuff is being written:

you: too many people want to be artists and thats just tough luck, you cant run an economy like that

me: liberate humanity from wage slavery so everyone can pursue their human interests

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Oh hey! #Sentry, my employer, has an Open Source grant that you can apply for:

"Contributing to open source full-time is an opportunity not available to everyone. We’d like to change that with the Sentry Open Source Grant, which offers funding to an individual dedicated to working on an open source project for three months."

low-budget documentary, no video or audio. it's some documents

An insane thing about capitalism is that "game show judge" is a job that can make you a millionaire.

Grabbed the #lunarpunk emblem from the flag I made and turned it into a transparent icon. Feel free to use it.

okay scratch that!! this is where you can read the tanya grotter books in english, here is a link not to a russian site so you don't have to rely on google translate

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