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Solarpunk Action Week official dates: Spring 2019

This year's first action week will take place on the first full week of March (3rd-9th)! Start planning and organizing now for a week of community building and practical projects, and make sure to post about your actions with the hashtag so we can share them here!

Ideas for actions will be posted here as well as our official tumblr, and you can find even more resources on the Sunbeam City wiki

Please boost this post and spread the word, and we'll see you punks in planting season! ✊💕

All the blood banks are owned by Big Vampire. Wake up, people!

people who reply to your toot but who then cw it not with a warning or anything but with the subject of your toot are weirdos

the idea that anyone has "ownership" over the "real" events in any given work of fiction or the "real" interpretation of any work of art is absolutely ludicrous

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Friend: Are you OK? You haven't posted on Instagram in ages
Me: I quit FB, Instagram, and Twitter.
Friend: Why'd you quit the internet?
Me: Actually I've *rejoined* the Internet.

Next time someone asked me why did I leave the internet, I'm gonna say I'm still very much on the Internet. When are *you* coming back?

so the dsa did put out a statement condemning intervention in Venezuela. this contradicts their statement of solidarity with the attempted coup in nicaragua. I did a little looking in and that statement was from an "international committee" which people say is made up of right wingers. so. wtf

extremely controversial 

fuck autoplaying video
doublefuck autoplaying video that's unmuted by default
triplefuck autoplaying video that's unmuted by default and also extremely loud
quadruplefuck autoplaying video that's unmuted by default and also extremely loud AND KEEPS PLAYING WHEN YOU TRY TO CLOSE IT (yes this exists)

also like I've done work to cut expenses and it's always stuff like this example:

"I once figured when we looked for places to cust costs, that just getting rid of ONE magazine that each department subscribed to (and never really found time to read anyway) saved about 2 grand a year… stuff like this adds up."

...I once saved a library $20k/year in duplicate subscriptions. Ironically, I was a student worker & thus am still salty about cost/benefit.

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Holy shit this first Ask a Manager letter writer needs to be kidnapped and get whatever the capitalism/labor version of deprogramming is.

They've been asked to cut workplace expenses... it's not an unreasonable ask, but their take is "ok, I'm gonna opt out of health care, retirement, walk 5 miles carrying heavy equipment VS TAKING PUBLIC TRANSIT, not get paid for overtime" -- like WOAH woah woah. I really wanna find/deprogram this person.

on science, tangential to maga chuds 

Anyway, this thought brought to you by MAGA chuds defending their bullshit with pseudo-science or twenty year old basic biology. We teach what we currently understand in science like a religion (this is the world), rather than a less concrete more accurate, "This is how we understand things work at this moment in time."

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Most recent positive coverage of , just from this past week, is as follows:

1.) Mastodon 2.7, a decentralized alternative to social media silos, is now out! (by Packt Publishing on -- January 21, 2019

The key there is that the lead paragraph describes Masto as a: ''decentralized alternative to commercial social media silos and returns the control of the content distribution channels to the people.''

2.) The best Tumblr porn alternatives on the internet ( from 23 January this year.

Our #solarpunk utopia needs to be post-work so that we have the time needed to travel by boat and train rather than airplane.

Obviously, people will still need to work. Some may even still want to work long hours. But the work would be of our choosing and of benefit to society. And our lives wouldn't be defined by what we do for work. What post-work would really mean is post-jobs.

@peptostate From a non-american point of view, the american use of the term “free speech” to describe at the same time the right of expressing ideas and create a dialogue but also the denial of that right sound as the word “medicine” used at the same time for life saving medicines but also for lethal poison. 😶

Shoutout to, Mastodon's new instance for DIY, homesteading, green tech and evolving cities sustainably!

gender, permaculture, enby+ 

"Gender in plants is complex and interesting. Flowers can be male, female, or perfect." - Paradise Lot, #permaculture book


Sorry enbys you're perfect now. I don't make the rules.

wow, this is a new one

if you need my “personal data” to pay your staff then you need to find a more ethical fucking business model

The problem with superhero comics is not that they're kid stuff. If they were all kid stuff, there'd be something silly, and beautiful, and true in all of them. The truth is they are mostly now the cynical money-making ploy of a handful of uncreative and untalented men.

Yet another reason to be so happy with Plume blogging software!

LYNX is a text based command line web browser - ideal for folks with older hardware and less bandwidth.

THIS is what one of my blog posts looks like in LYNX. Granted I don't use a lot of fancy markup so that helps, but it's so clean and readable. AND even using a Pi Zero W as a client, it loads in the time it takes me to blink so well done Plume & well done Sunbeam Technowizards!!!! :_stars: 🧙‍♀️

:_earth: If you are enjoying please consider joining the cooperative and truly collectively and democratically take ownership of the technology you use :_earth:

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Towards a liberatory technology! :kirby_happy:

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