New factory will be built in existing and lake land. The factory area will replace 300 Ha of forest, or at least, that is how much of the area Tesla is purchasing.

are only for greenwashing capitalism. This needs to be fought!

Does anyone with knowledge of have some more local sources? @hambibleibt perhaps?

@mango I dunno if I'd necessarily say electric vehicles in general are just for greenwashing capitalism, but that's definitely true of Tesla in particular

@kinsey @mango FWIW, Business Insider is a *really* bad source in general, and for Tesla in particular. (Essentially, there's anti-Tesla echo chambers on Twitter where blocklists are used against anyone who expresses positive sentiment towards Tesla (and from what I've seen, there's a lot of fash in these circles too), and the BI writers who usually cover Tesla are part of that.)

I've seen claims that the forest in question is relatively new growth (no source though), and also there's reports that Tesla plans to plant 3x the trees they cut down elsewhere: (however, it's Electrek, which *also* isn't a particularly good source, and they rarely link to their sources, which is an even bigger problem when they're not in English...)

@kinsey @mango

maybe it could stay in conflict with the nature reserve of löcknitztal !?

i can't find the location where the factory will be build exactly.

@kinsey @mango
i think the arrow on the picture is spotting the wrong place. too much in the north-east. the factory will be build near the A10 highway at the "Gewerbegebiet Freienbrink"
as they say here:

the #tesla gigafactory will be build on 300 hectare. if it's the direction to the railway as we can expect (because of logistic), it's very close to the nature reserve löcknitztal.
Means: Bad news for nature!

@kinsey @mango but as we see here, a lot of trees will be cut off. i think the monoculture forest is in private ownership, but not sure.

the only way i see is to look at studies about the reserve which prove that there is a "sustained disturbance"§ 23 BNatSchG or other interventions in nature and landscape.

@tuxom do tesla have to make a plan, not only for the trees, but also for the reserve löcknitztal? i mean, there must be a studie about the reserve that tesla say, there is no disturbance of biodiversity. how does it work?

there is a regulation: "Eingriffsregelung in Deutschland"

This means also outside areas are protected under nature conservation law, right?
i think this is the only way to fight it here in germany!
@hambibleibt what do you think?

i contacted Löcknitztal e.V. for a statement! i'm interested in their view.

@moagee @tuxom
using the legal system to counter them is one aproach, building blockades, sabotage, damaging their credibility...another. Often they work best, when combined.

On the legal aspects, the person that is typing this, is not the best informed, but can ask others to respond.

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