"If we build them out of wood, large wind turbines could become a textbook example of the circular economy."

Apparently wind turbines use many recyclable plastics and have a lifespan of only 20 years. We're in a moment in time now when the first generation of turbines is ready for the scrapheap..


They also have to make extra wide roads, and make a big foundation in the ground in order to keep them standing leaving a permanent scar in the ground.
I used to live on the countryside and I remember how the forest was destroyed in order to satisfy people that wanted "green energy".

@selea it is interesting that many of the problems come from scale. Even the populist opposition against them in many places ('my view!' the 'noise'!) are all scale related issues that can be mitigated by having more smaller ones (that are community owned instead of owned by giant grid operators). Similarly, the reason they need to scale tremendously is because they are expected to compete against fossil fuel energy prices which are so low because they don't price in externalities..


I meant that it destroyed the nature. For example all the cranes in the area dissapeared. It is known that birds is affected by windturbines.

I personally see smaller turbines as you wrote, but also more solar instead. If I had the possibility I would install solar, a small turbine and more because I love the idea of it.

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