@makeworld I love the ideas behind Gemini. I really need to set up a server, because saying "I wish it'd gain wider adoption" is the ultimate in lame :) Be the change you want to see in the world! :)

@makeworld Quick question for you and anyone else into the #gemini universe - Do gemini clients get super cranky if your site isn't SSL/TLS secured? I'm averse to the idea that EVERYTHING needs to be SSL. I miss the days when you could play and experiment and stand something up without having to worry about certificate generation and upkeep.

@feoh Gemini requires TLS. Certificate upkeep is low, because you can generate certs that last for long periods of time, like five years or however long you want. See my gemlog post for an example OpenSSL command if you'd like.


@makeworld That's awesome, thank you very much! I was thinking it required LetsEncrypt or such. If I can self generate that's a big step up.

@feoh @makeworld the standard best practice at the moment is a self signed very long lived cert. 5+ years... maybe 10. Good stuff!

@tomasino @makeworld Woot! And there's even a server written in #python that allows for CGI :) Much fun to be had by all :) (Yes I know all the cool kids are coding in Rust but I'm not a cool kid :) )

@makeworld Hopefully this will cut down on all the people constantly lobbying to slowly turn gemini into the web.

I'm planning to dual host gemini and a website from exported #orgmode files and I've been puzzling on how to use the LetsEncrypt certificate (e.g. www.mydomain.com) for the Gemini server (probably JetForce).

Thanks to the post above from @makeworld on creating a long-lived TLS cert, it seems like I don't need to bother, but I'd appreciate thoughts on whether using the LetsEncrypt cert is possible/useful/a good (or bad) idea ...

@gmoretti afaik using Let's Encrypt is mostly a bad idea bc it changes certs often, and especially before they're expired, reducing security from the Gemini TOFU model. Just generate a long-lived one, you don't need to bother with reusing a web cert.

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