Queer fediverse be like:

Check out my new album, "30 minutes of low bitrate white noise", available only on my gopher-over-IMCP server at epicqueergamer7hfai73pfam55oxhq.onion. Please connect only between 01:00 and 02:00 UTC for reasons I will *not* explain.

Since people seem to like this I worked out how to play the album, on linux with ffmpeg and pulseaudio at least:

ffmpeg -t 30:00 -f u16be -i /dev/urandom -filter:a "volume=0.2" -b:a 1k -f mp3 - | ffmpeg -f mp3 -i - -f wav - | aplay

@goo shorter and no aplay dep:

ffmpeg -t 30:00 -f u16be -i /dev/urandom -filter:a "volume=0.2" -b:a 1k -f mp3 - | ffplay -



@goo thanks lol. I spent too long trying to make make it change pitch over time as well. I almost got there but this is just too much lol

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