8-bit 6502 computer built and wired by hand. After days of debugging, it finally works. I'm very pleased.

@makeworld Is that based on the Ben Eater series of videos, or a separate project?

@makeworld @necrosis
What a coincidence. I just watched the 6502 guide by Ben Eater yesterday and the urge to order a kit is still there.

Although I‘d love a kit/guide with a Z80 since that was the CPU we used as the base model in Uni.

@nvi @makeworld @necrosis Look at the RC2014 family of kits for the Z80 platform. I have an RC2014 Zed Pro and it's been a solid piece of kit for me.

@vertigo @makeworld @necrosis
I’ll have a look into that.

I’ve never been very good with electronics so I’ll try to figure out which one will be easier to fully understand.

I imagine the 6502 might have far more enthusiast gerade resources. On the other hand I’ve always had a thing for the Altair 8800, which had a Z80 Version to my knowledge.

@nvi @makeworld @necrosis That hasn't been my observation. I prefer the 6502/65816 over the Z80/Z180 processors, and actually built my first homebrew computer using a 65816. However, buying parts for the Z80 architecture is significantly easier, and there are a ton more online websites that cover it. (Especially since its bus interface is quite compatible with Intel's.)

I still have seven more 65816 CPUs; someday, I'd like to build my own 65816-based CPU card for the RC2014 and kind of resurrect my first homebrew computer design from the ashes of time.

@vertigo @makeworld @necrosis
I really want to start out on a breadboard and emulated peripherals to get a better understanding of it but I do like the modular backplane-design of the RC2014. Very Altair-esk.

@nvi @makeworld @necrosis Yeah, that's one of the reasons I went that route. Breadboards are great for exploration, but they are fickle. I wanted something a bit more permanent that could withstand my garage workbench environment.

@makeworld cool! Is that from Ben Eater kit?

I did it some time ago :D

@sorek it'd a kit called NCS 2056T. Not from Ben, although he's super cool!

@makeworld >After days of debugging

I feel for you. It's amazing how a single line or timing miss can take hours to figure out.

The first LED to light correctly must have felt good!

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