Gonna attempt to install Arch Linux for the first time on my new laptop tonight and tomorrow. With WiFi only. Wooo! :tux:


@jrc03c @jere so far it's been fine, although I realized my boot partition was too small when I got to the bootloader step, so I had to restart and delete my main partition (along with all my other install work), and then resize the boot partition. I'm now in the process of redoing the steps after that.

@jrc03c @jere so even though I resized the boot partition, it still shows up as 100% used at 96M when mounted?!

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@jrc03c @jere annnnd now it died in the middle of the installation because I wasn't charging it. Yeah!

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@makeworld @jrc03c @jere I recommend the partition scheme recommended on the Arch wiki if you haven't seen it already. It has some recommended partition sizes that have been fine for me.

@erbridge @jrc03c @jere thanks! I've fixed it now, I expanded the partition but didn't recreate the filesystem, which was the problem. I'm almost finished, I just need to fix fstab so that my decrypted drive will load under systemd. Almost there! Lol

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