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Thanks for the good times.

Someone tooted about this recently but I can't find it anymore. What are the active tech instances on Mastodon? Are there any good ones that are open for registration? Any good ones only accessible by super secret invite?

Morning spent refactoring code. Instead of getting frustrated, I'll just be thankful for the absurd amount of coffee I've been able to drink. ☕

Angelo Raguso - I Want You


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I've been building a Facebook Events style event organizing system for the Fediverse. It's based on the simple, open source, privacy-respecting event organizing tool gath.io

The attached video is a work-in-progress preview and shows compatibility with Mastodon. My hope is to get it working with lots of software, including stuff like Friendica that supports events and calendars.

Check out more at my Patreon: patreon.com/posts/organizing-o

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meta / community / long (10/10) 

@skelltan @Shrigglepuss I'd recommend 'The Progressive Plantation' by Lorenzo Kom'boa Ervin, it goes into the racism perpetuated in white radical spaces and how it can be overcome.


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fediverse meta 

Proposal: Change delete-and-redraft so that it:

a. posts a dangling reply saying “[this post was redrafted]”;
b. reattaches existing 3rd-party reply threads to this auto-reply post; and
c. reattaches the OP’s reply thread back to the newly redrafted post directly;

while still clearing prior faves and boosts, as it currently does.

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On calling people "eggs" 

It's all fun and all to feel like you're helping someone figure their gender out, but it really bothers me how common it is to call feminine guys "eggs".

There is no way to know someone's gender just by how they act. Being feminine is not what makes someone a girl and it's really sexist and transphobic to imply that.

Imagine being a trans guy who is 100% a guy but likes a lot of feminine things, like wearing dresses or nailpolish. Maybe he wants to look more "pretty" than handsome. Maybe he prefers female characters in video games because that's what fits his fashion style most.

Now imagine seeing stuff like "lol this guy wants to wear dresses and be pretty, what an egg". It's basically saying "only women wear dresses and if you are a guy who wears dresses you're lying to yourself".

I think people find this joke to be fun and silly, forgetting that feminine guys *do* exist, ones who already get told they're just women in denial all the time.

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@Are0h This reminds me of something I was posting about a while back, possibly before I got onto Mastodon: This sense of apocalypse and finality, this sense of the world being finite and coming to an end, is based in White Fragility, a Christian vision, in a Western European-North American sense of "progress" where things only get better. The fact is, for most of us, Jews, Black people, indigenous peoples of the Americas, the world has ended constantly and consistently. You just deal with it.

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hay comrades can someone help me source this poster design? anyone know?

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ok so we want to collect your dna and put it in a big database

americans: hmm i dunno about that. i dont really trust the government with that kind of stuff

what if it was a private corporation and it helped you do race science

americans: oh hell yeah. i fucking love racism. sign me the fuck up

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Yoooo discovered tonight that CCTV's youtube channel has all the 80s-90s shows based on the Four Classics (JttW, RotTK, Water Margin, Dream of the Red Chamber) uploaded to Youtube in their entirety, and Journey to the West even has English subs?

These shows were my fuckin' life growing up and they are extremely good and faithful to the original text


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How to migrate from one Mastodon server to another without losing followers:

1. Sign up on new server
2. On NEW server: Go to Account -> Moving FROM another account
3. Enter old account's handle
4. On OLD server: Go to Account -> Moving TO another account
5. Enter new account's handle and submit


Also would be interested in reading more about the history of clothing. I thought Braudel's Civilization and Capitalism Vol 1 would give me what I needed but it didn't go back far enough.

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Does anyone have any good theory recs/articles that tackle the commodification of queer identity through an anti-capitalist lens? Right now I'm thinking about queer gatekeeping and the times I've felt my style/clothing didn't adequately "communicate my identity." Would also read about corporate normalization of queer experience (retail giants selling queer merch, queer advertising, etc).

Bonus points for fiery and cynical prose.

What do ya'll do for activism IRL? What kind of causes do you focus your energies on? Looking to re-engage myself after the...uh...worst year ever.

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Solid birdsite thread.

"The big fear I have is that the larger the distribution of any media outlet in the current system the harder it is to hold it accountable, as it just becomes abstracted from any single community and losses connection/checks with the humanity of its audience."


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