acab and yes that includes your favorite b99 character please shut up

@lunely the reason b99 is tolerable is that it says acab tbh. it says acab a lot

@00dani it actually says "acab, except this ones because they're funny and ~diverse~", and that's not really that hot of a take

@lunely it's not ideal, i think it's doing a much better job than, say, the wishy-washy centrism of parks and rec tho

@00dani @lunely

"Some cops are bad but not these, these are the good cops" isn't 'acab. It's cop propaganda.
The fact that B99 isn't flag flying anthem playing bombastic patriotism just means it's subtle well made cop propaganda tailored to people like us.
Which is, ya know, actually worse because it's more effective.

@queeranarchism @lunely idk i honestly think b99 isn't copraganda. a lovable cops show that says acab is certainly a bizarre contradiction in terms? but it's definitely not leading me to believe that there really are lovable cops, and im not immune to propaganda, so. idk :blobcatgooglyshrug:

@00dani @lunely

I am not for a second going to debate you on this. 'lovable cops' is cop propaganda. It just is. Always. It's a 'water is wet' kind of thing.

@00dani @lunely

Go into the B99 fandom and ask people how many would support the statement 'Raymond Holt is a Bastard'
Or 'other-popular-cop-character is a Bastard'
That should tell you enough.


- CW all your B99 posts 'cop propaganda'. every time.
- if you defend this show I don't want you near me.

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