i don't know if this would count in the or not, but my tip for young people that want to learn new skills, but don't have the money to do so and don't have supportive parents?

improvise it. want to knit? make your own t-shirt yarn, make do with whatever for needles. want to sew? find cheap ass needles and thread and fix your clothing to get practice.

from personal experience, your family generally WILL see the benefit of giving you the money to do stuff. that's how i started, and now my family gives me money to buy supplies because they realise it's cheaper for you to do it than for them to buy it.

nowadays my family just buys the resources for me to fix their clothes instead of buying new clothes altogether, and let me buy good yarn because they too want hand knitted scarfs and gloves. make them see how it can make their lives easier, and they will make yours.

plarn, you can make chunky yarn good for practice by cutting plastic bags into strips. makes pretty sturdy mats if youre feeling industrious

@chillgamesh true, I'm making a plarn project right now, but (at least for me) the feeling is very different from a tual yarn, so t-shirt yarn is the closest in my opinion!
plarn is awesome for its own thing tho

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