this is one of the funniest things i've ever read and i completely forget who wrote it

i feel like it might've been pixelatedboat

Holy fuck, that is amazing. I literally couldn't tell if it was real or not until uthe end, which probably says a lot about US politics



@kew yeah this absolutely sounds like a pixelatedboat bit

OCR Output 

OCR Output 

@kew oh I thought this was what you linked to


(I just spent 15 minutes captioning this image so I hope it helps someone)

@ben @kew the description gets cut off in the middle of the third paragraph :P

also.. i've never read any Harry Potter before, but this page sounds like what i would expect from JK Rowling to write. ie it's all over the place and sounds like she came up with it on the spot :P

@lyliawisteria @kew it should have the full description if you view the post on my instance

also there's an audiobook:

@ben @kew video unavailable! i don't think the internet likes Harry Potter. that's probably why no one has ever read any of those books.

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