my bosses just called the cops because someone in the parking lot had expired tags....

y'all honest to god have no idea how idiotic these people are i can't stand them

if there was any twinge of guilt i felt for calling off today it's gone now lol

@kew death to all who don't embrace bureaucracy to the fullest

@dankwraith i mean like who does that??? literally going out of your way to see someone get punished. sadistic mf bootlickers

@johnrandom orb they're the biggest fucking bootlickers on the face of the planet. as soon as they took over they promised the JROTC kid they'd throw him a party before he got shipped out lmao

@kew your bosses would literally report you to the secret police for making dissenting remarks thats the kind of people they are

@johnrandom lol so a guy had to quit because his gf was having a kid, he wrote "fare thee well - [name]" on an index card and put it on the corkboard. few days later new manager takes it down, rips it in half, rips it in half again, throws it in the trash. dude worked there for 5 years

@ItsJenNotGabby @johnrandom yup!! already got another opportunity i'm checking out this week lol. fuck those cunts

@kew not only is this sadistic and cruel, they also literally cheated themselves out of a customer. Nice job assholes

@kew you know I've heard some bad reasons for calling the cops but this is the worst

@Lazuli i just really don't get why they'd go out of their way to fuck someone over that they literally don't know who's not hurting anyone. it just....the fuckin puzzle pieces aren't connecting in my mind on this one

@kew their logic is probably like "the law is my moral code because I'm a dumbass, something something, no one is above the law"

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