People be like how will I discover new music without Spotify??

Ask your friends duh.

Spotify algorithm taking away chilling with ur mates listening and sharing tunes.

Buy music if u can. Support artists.

@kawaiipunk When people say this I find it very hard to parse. I've never used Spotify. I have never had any trouble finding music.

@ephemeral @kawaiipunk Yuh my problem has always been "There's too much new music to listen to!" and I've also never used Spotify :/

@kawaiipunk Soundcloud mixes! And then look up the artists of the tracks you really enjoy

@kawaiipunk Friends and people online.

I used to exchange mixtapes with friends, sometimes through the mail, up until the early 2000s.

Support acts at concerts were another way I discovered interesting bands. Festivals and the samplers included in some music magazines.

Oh, and back in the day I also discovered interesting music from the "classical" sphere via publicly funded radio stations.

@kawaiipunk What if I don't like the music my friends listen to though 😭

Some of them like some of the same stuff I like, some like tangential stuff, but then there's that one friend who only listens to Romanian trap

@kawaiipunk crawl through giant ass pirating forums like rutracker (and pay the artists if you find yourself enjoying their stuff)

you'll find interesting stuff no matter how you search ;)

@kawaiipunk i'm pretty sure record shops still exist. i always used to go to them in the before times

@kawaiipunk I'd go to music sites, like discogs (or even wikipedia), and find "related acts" to some of my favorite artists. Also looking up the roster of artists in record labels can yield results (doesn't work so well with major record labels like Virgin and Capitol).

@kawaiipunk yeah, it's not so easy to setup, I should do something about it. gemini:// for the story, for the source:
I't still very much beta, mastodonRooms.go for the "create playlist from fediverse"
For your own instance you'll need a youtube api key, they're gratis but limited

@kawaiipunk I typically discover new music from TV shows or movies. My CD collection has a lot of soundtracks in it. I've seen a few music recommendation sites on the web that use machine learning to recommend songs. Haven't had much luck with them though.

@kawaiipunk I discover most of my fav music through Youtube, some through the algorithm and a lot through various playlists/mixes that other folks make

@kawaiipunk Spotify started in 2006. Does this mean there was no new music before?

basically they'd rather lose Neil Young's music than remove Joe Rogan's anti-vac filled podcast.

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