calling u all out for using spotify πŸ˜‰

It's terrible for artists. Please also give money to musicians using ways that actually put money in their pocket.

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Imagine all the amazing musicians out there that can't spend time on their music due to economic pressures.

I'm also just sick of renting everything. I don't want to loose access to something when I don't have any money.

@kawaiipunk imagine also the people that have the spare time, but are forced to treat a loving exploration of creative expression as a side-hustle for economic gain.

@kawaiipunk Additionally, it uses a DRM scheme inherently incompatible with Free and Open Source Software by design.

@inhji @kawaiipunk if it was just music, I'd be on your side. But we are using Spotify for audio stories because that's almost the only thing that brings fun to the kids in these days where they are not allowed to see their friends and do the stuff they like. If we needed to buy all the stories they kids listened to we'd spend tousends of €s. They sometimes listen to 5-10 stories a day, I don't even want to think about the cost of this if one doesn't want to use non legal ways...

@tuxflo @inhji yeh I'm not saying don't ever use it. Just to encourage folks to use it with knowledge of realities for music industry workers.

@kawaiipunk i mean, overall i agree

but to give money to artists, you first need money

@kawaiipunk also also im not mad if you buy my music for fair prices and then also stream it on your favorite streaming platform. Its best of both worlds.

@hazelnot that ok! But yanno spending €10 on an artist where they get €8.50 is better than like 10,000 streams on Spotify.

(Aprox figures)

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