Hey lovelies,

I'm streaming some DJing again.

Will probably go for a couple of hours. Gonna be hard and fast tunes tonight.

You can also drop into my chat room for some banter:

Damn, ok this is kinda taking off on fediverse. What an honour to play for you all :blobcatmeltcry:

Ok i am dancing wildy! This track always makes me super emotional :blobcatmeltlove:

I am being teased in the Matrix chat for hyping up my own track with MOAR BASS

If anyone wants to book me to play somewhere cool HMU

I still can't trust this will actually transcode 😁

@kawaiipunk was a really good stream, heard a few classic tracks I remember from when I was a raver (going right back to 1988/1989 as well)

@kawaiipunk thanks for the stream superstar super dj dj lai power 🖤

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