My employer, Freedom of the Press Foundation, is looking for a web design firm to partner with for a redesign of one of our flagship projects, the U.S. Press Freedom Tracker.

This is a pretty cool opportunity to do mission-driven design work -- please help pass it along to design firms who you think could be a good fit.

Budget is $40-$50K. Note that we have an internal web dev team, so the focus here is on the design.


@eloquence my tech co-op Autonomic could be interested in this! ❤️

@kawaiipunk Nice! Fun fact - the first iteration of this site was built by a (now defunct) co-op as well.

We're pretty happy with the technical internals (Django/Wagtail) and are _mainly_ looking for design help - if that could be your jam, would be great to hear from y'all :)

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