anarchy is when your so-called "civilisation" doesn't force me to wear pants you fucking nerds


@anarchiv @GreenandBlack anarcho nudism has always been a thing and we stan

@anarchiv @kawaiipunk yeah afaik it never resurfaced after WWII. Even in Cuba where it was a relatively strong tendency, syndicalism ended up predominating until the repression under Castro

@somenudist @GreenandBlack @kawaiipunk
Says in your profile that you're not a naturist and now I'm curious as to what the difference between naturism and nudism means to you if you mind explaining! The way I've always understood it is that nudism is pretty much for pleasure's sake while naturism is always connected to some deeper philosophy or other.


I define "nudism" as an activity, like how "cellism" means playing the cello, "equestrianism" means riding horses, etc.

"naturism", as an ideology (rather than just a personal philosophy), implies that an idea of "nature" or "what is natural" is central, which I am not into for a lot of reasons

I prefer the term "comfortist" to describe my philosophy vis-à-vis nudism

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