It's almost as if ownership matters 🤔

Community co-operative ownership of the means of communication is the way forward or these enclosures of the software commons will keep happening over and over and over.

Individuals cannot be trusted in the long run, capital can not trusted, the desire for constant growth cannot be trusted, even NGOs cannot be trusted if they don't have democratic control by their community.

How many times do we have to see examples of this in the wild before some tech folks will acknowledge this problem.

Libre software is part of a global commons. The organisations administering it should be too.

*mic drop*



One of the most important lessons that i learned about co-operatives was how to set them up, so that internal-bad-actors can't control them. :D

Best example i came across was the Articles & Memorandum of Sanford Housing Co-op. :D



They explicitly used clauses in the constitution that said that the assets could only be transferred to another co-op that had an identical rule-set to Sanford. :D

Anytime a bad actor tried to propose an asset-sale, so they could loot the bank account, they get shot down. :D


@kawaiipunk I disagree. Peer to peer is ultimately the best outcome. Any sort of centralisation will lead to problems.


@kawaiipunk people having 100 percent control of their communication on an individual level is the ultimate form of democracy of communication.


@welt is that just not a data commons? You seed your friends data.

I think that's good! It ain't easy to build though or someone would have cracked it already.

Cabal, Hypercore/DAT, Scuttlebutt are good!

re: Freenode 

@kawaiipunk Ideally it would be trustless and traffic could not be discriminated against. The point I want to make is that co-operative ownership is still a form of centralisation, and therefore harmful in this context. There's still some ways to go, but if we ought to make some massive change it should be towards P2P first and foremost.
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