Leftists in the west: let's guillotine the bougies

Leftists in Rojava: our new constitution has outlawed capital punishment in the region

@kawaiipunk Shame. They'd be one of the few people deserving the 'ol French treatment.

@katnjiapus @kawaiipunk I feel like a life sentence of working like everyone else is punishment for the people who use to exploit others so they didn't have to work.

@squeakypancakes @kawaiipunk True, but just leaving them alone for all they did usually ends up them organizing and trying to create a coup against the working class movement.

@katnjiapus @kawaiipunk I don't mean like a gulag I mean like properly teach people how to live in a society without being harmful. Deprogramming all the shit the state has forced on us for 5 thousand years.

@kawaiipunk not sure how many people remember/have learned about it from history (many here probably weren't even born), but various rich people *were* regularly getting assassinated/blown up by activist groups all over Europe well into the late 1980s (amongst others the CEO of Renault was shot dead right outside his house) but all that did was encourage the rich to boost up their security procedures and deploy more protection from cops and private security units..

@kawaiipunk the guillotine was also co-opted by the French state and prison service as an instrument of capital punishment, and remained in use until *1977* , well into my lifetime and after France had become an EU member (ISTR EU states only voluntarily agreed to never use capital punishment in the 90s or even 2000s)

@kawaiipunk Button a: capital punishment is immoral
Button b: we must kill the Bourgeoisie

@kawaiipunk leftists in Rojava : literally making coffee for the worst imaginable abusers fascists monsters who killed her brother, talking to them, seeking transformative justice anyway.

(I don't care that the online English-speaking leftnet hates me for this, the online English-speaking leftnet feels really small compared to the stories of people who take rifles against the daesh. and then proceed to not only not killing them, but actually doing, I know this is heresy but, human rights.

hearing the story of this cheval in her own voice has touched me in a way that I'll be thinking about forever.)

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