low tech tips for cold weather survival 

Gleaned from being homeless, winter camping and historical examples of pre-central heating cultures.

- Pile all the people together in one small room and close off all the others. Heat the room with body heat! Tell stories to keep morale up.

- Use a bed warmer. Pour hot water in a metal canteen, wrap in a towel. Put it in your bed by your stomach to keep core warm.

- Eat a night snack. Calories will keep you warm.

- Make a bed tent with a sheet...

low tech tips for cold weather survival 

..There was a reason people used four poster beds. It creates a small microclimate you heat with your body. This really works! In some tipi using cultures a bed tent was called an ozan.

-Buddy system. Two or more bodies in a bed will keep hypothermia away and allow for a good nights sleep.

- Dress in layers! Wool is great! Layer your bedding, too, this traps more air, which is insulating. Don't forget your sleeping cap!


low tech tips for cold weather survival 

@ewankeep The only other trick I know is to make an indoor heater using candles/tea-lights and a ceramic plant pot/tray.

low tech tips for cold weather survival 

@kawaiipunk Here is a link to how to make one of these flower pot heaters.


I haven't actually made one of these, but I'd like to see how it works.

I already posted on how to make a DIY oil lamp.


Do be careful of carbon monoxide and open flames when using oil lamps and these flowerpot heaters!

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