Just a thought:

Spotify is terrible for musicians by all accounts I've read.

By using it, you aren't helping musicians continue to make their art. Quite the opposite. I think there are other platforms out there that are better like Bandcamp or buying from them more directly.

Support artists! Support the workers that actually create the thing you enjoy. That shit ain't easy.

@kawaiipunk the prospects for creative folk were mostly fucked even before the Internet (there was a brief opportunity to make some money just before physical media got mostly obsoleted, mostly on the rave/dance music scene) and have got far worse.

11 years ago I was sat in a room with a load of prominent promoters and producers of rave music in East Anglia who had been big during the 90s, every one of them had had to go back to the day job. I don' think any of them are active today. >>

@kawaiipunk A lot of people on this particular scene funded their art by basically laundering drugs money - ofc that isn't good for anybody, leads to addictions, people going into prison, and the feds know exactly what to look for to catch people doing it.

Bandcamp seems to genuinely give a decent amount straight to the artists, its even more than on the EDM music places like Juno where only about 0,20€ of a €2 track purchase goes directly to them

@vfrmedia @kawaiipunk honestly I just use a cracked apk so Spotify doesnt get my money when I use it to listen to music I dont have saved locally.

@kawaiipunk IMO, the least bad way to support artists is (short of giving them cash in hand) by using Bandcamp, especially during the Bandcamp Fridays. It's good but not ideal, as their labels might still not give them most of that money, but I've heard of musicians making more money in one digital sale on Bandcamp than on a year on Spotify.

@joachim yeh I've heard the same. Don't know too much personally as I don't ask for money for music right now.

@kawaiipunk I have been incredibly spiteful about streaming services like Spotify for a while, I'm *really* glad to see more people who just want to give artists their deserved money directly.

@kawaiipunk spotify is being convenient to my uses so I've been buying stuff on bandcamp/elsewhere then listening on spotify (for the subset of artists who are there). the bandcamp app is just bad

but I feel guilty of making spotify stronger by adding more users to them >.>

@elilla yeah i continue to use Spotify because the UI is the least confusing for me

but i do constantly toss money at the artists i listen to, via shirts, physical media, seeing shows, etc

i try to find that balance for sure

@kawaiipunk I wonder how do other streaming service (eg Apple Music) compare to Spotify

I’ve been using Tidal over Spotify for this exact reason, also because I can’t afford to keep an ever-expanding music library on BandCamp which would be the ideal

@kivihminen yeh money is an issue. I just listen to the same couple of albums for a month but I know that's not how everyone listens.

@kawaiipunk Unfortunately we can't buy stuff on bandcamp due to a lack of money, but in general yeah, bandcamp is the best for artists.

@sarahthesystem yeh that's understandable. I'd only moved in this direction since I found myself with a little more income.


So much yes!

Spotify = bad. #Bandcamp = good.
Buying directly if possible = great!

I fully agree, and the nice thing is: I think a lot of people #onhere think that way, too!

@freebliss , we just had a conversation in this regard!

@kawaiipunk Spotify is convenient so what I tend to do is buy the album on Bandcamp and steam it on Spotify so the artist still gets the paultry streaming residuals.

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