Basically workers co-ops and unions are imposing some democratic structure onto an economy which ain't.

Maybe we can start building some of the technologies we can use when we get rid of this capitalism nonsense right now.

So we can respect the critique that worker co-ops aren't that revolutionary in and of themselves but also recognise that they are vital experiments as to a better way of running things whilst also supporting more revolutionary aspects of the struggle.

We need insurrections and uprisings yes but we also need infrastructure to support those in the streets and in those times in between the big waves when we are resting and licking our wounds.

We can't just be part time activists. We need to create a democratic liberatory culture in all parts of our lives from our workplaces to our relationships to the things we need to do to get away from it all.

We need to struggle on all fronts all of the time if we have any chance of turning this sinking ship of the human race around.

If you're reading this and am feeling unsure about what to do next, take a look at your life.

Think of the parts of your life where you feel the most atomised and alone. Where you feel you have no agency or dignity. Where you feel the boot of capitalism at your throat.

That is where you should look to organise.

Start a gaming club, walk with comrades, start trying to unionise your workplace, start a co-op. Play football. Paint a picture. Make some beats. Educate yourselves on your history. Learn to cry. Educate those younger than yourself. Ride a bike. Support others in the struggle. Learn to fight. Know your enemy. Tell your friends that you love them. Help someone who is in crisis. Smile at other's in the street. Help someone with their tech woes or maybe just stay in bed and rest.

But whatever you do, do it together. Build infrastructure. Believe in yourself. Believe in others. Believe in a better world. Focus on what you can change.

@kawaiipunk they are a good place to encourage more equitable survival in the capitalist system in the meantime

@thufie Yesss. We have to survive this mess.

We have to have the confidence to take ownership of what's ours and what is being taken from us and what needs to be given back to those that have been plundered from.

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