Would anyone be interested in some paid work on the Sculttlebutt clients Patchwork and Oasis?

UX and front end focussed. Occasional interaction with stuff further down the stack.

Stack is nodejs, javascript, html/css, electron and a tiny bit of rust.

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Just taking the temperature out in cyberspace. Would suit someone who really needs some money and is struggling to find work elsewhere.

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@kawaiipunk I think @somarasu is doing front end (not sure about work availability)

Maybe @dzuk could also be doing some UX work.

I dont know how much @Are0h is into UX/front end .

I know @jalcine is into many languages, so maybe thats another person that could be interested

@kawaiipunk I'd be down. I'm already in talks with some of the people with the projects so it'll be smooth

@jalcine Did you see the thread on SSB?


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