We're here quibbling over intricate libre drama and Google are literally installing their own undersea cables:

"Microsoft and Facebook, for example, are joint-owners with telecoms company Telxius of the Marea cable, which runs from the US to Spain.

In May, Facebook announced another project to build a 37,000km (23,000-mile) undersea cable to supply faster internet to 16 countries in Africa.

Ready for use by 2024, it will deliver three times the capacity of all current undersea cables serving the continent."

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@kawaiipunk Controlling the network infrastructure is the last piece of the puzzle for them, whether it's by satellite or by cable. Once they own that then there is no escape, and they can gatekeep who gets bandwidth depending upon how much ad revenue their data generates. Think Facebook will be delivering non-Facebook content via its cables? Probably not.

So once the zaibatsus own the network then it's really game over for the internet as anything other than a Facebook system with Google search. We probably should try to avoid this and promote user-owned community networks instead.

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