Any UK folks about to talk about diagnosis via NHS?

You can guess what the problem is 😁

@kawaiipunk I've been waiting three years to see a specialist for an adhd diagnosis.

@PsyChuan πŸ’– yes I thought this would be the case. Reading between the lines of what my GP just said.

I was worried they hadn't even made the referral due to the chaos of the pandemic.

All we have is each other, yet again it seems.

@kawaiipunk wonderful isn't it. all i want is some fucking Adderall to make my brain work better

@PsyChuan they are so willing to hand out medication for this other issue I had but when it comes to this, they're just like oh yeh you're going to be waiting for years.

@kawaiipunk they want to section off access to various parts of it so they can justify sectioning off more and more and more. mental and dental are the first two

@kawaiipunk My GP said I wasn't diagnosed at 12 so I should fuck off

I am waiting to move away so I can speak to a different GP

@RedFuture wow! I think you can request a different doctor afaik.

Just be aware they're just going to stick you on a waiting list.

@kawaiipunk a rough patchwork of non-drug based coping mechanisms, mostly 8D

@kawaiipunk err, various affordances I've managed to work into my life:
- working in tech, I have flexible hours, particularly now we're all wfh, which means I can be productive in fits and starts more easily
- I have a really supportive partner who is understanding of the specific ways I will fail to do things that "should" be easy and doesn't bedgrudge picking up some slack in those regards (and likewise I pick up slack for her when she's struggling with her ish)

- sometimes just leaning into a lack of focus. Not able to focus on that one personal project/hobby I wanted to engage with? Fine, I'll flit between four things all evening, and do a little bit of each.
- engaging with the "adhd-support" channel we have on our work Slack, which is pretty good for discussing how to work around problems, organising as a group to make changes to the company and even just confirming I'm not the only one struggling with a given thing.

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