Are we going to have a meeting or visioning chat anytime soon?

@squeakypancakes @kawaiipunk @wakest im fine with that. Just let me know when and where etc. We should also have someone take notes / minutes so people who don't show up can read the convo.

@RadioAngel @squeakypancakes @kawaiipunk @wakest yes I tried to bring something up a few weeks ago too. Shall we set a time and place?

@kawaiipunk @RadioAngel @squeakypancakes @wakest that's noon on Sunday for me and that works. Shall we meet in the Matrix Sunbeam room?

@kawaiipunk @liaizon @squeakypancakes @wakest Shall I put this in the announcement section so everyone knows it's happening?

@RadioAngel @kawaiipunk @squeakypancakes @wakest yeah that's a good idea! Maybe we should delete the other announcements so it's just that too?

@kawaiipunk @liaizon @squeakypancakes @wakest If we're agreeing to use jitsi and this server, ill update the announcement with the info.

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