Tried out my DIY soup can stove today and it worked better than I expected. Frying sausages took only a small handful of twigs and pine cones collected from the forest floor. Much more efficient than a bonfire.

@RuttokansanTuote Nice. What was the can from? It's a little hard to see the size.

It is a used pea soup can. Not sure about the volume, I'd guess it's about 1l. I found this to be a pretty nice size but a bigger one could also be good if it doesn't need to be portable.

@RuttokansanTuote Nice! I was asking because I guess that standard soup tin size may be too small to get a hot enough fire going 😁

Yeah, and it could also be a bit too unstable to hold a frying pan or a kettle on top of it.

@RuttokansanTuote yeg good point! If I see one of those bigger cans of something I want, I'll get it.

I you try making one, please let me know how it works out for you.


@RuttokansanTuote I'll try an remember!

I recently built a rocket stove out of liberated bricks but am looking for something to take camping.

@kawaiipunk @RuttokansanTuote I've also been looking at something for camping. This can design is quite a nice start though!

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