Does anyone use a powerline system for their ethernet in their home?

How did I not know that was a thing. It sounds like magic.

Are there any downside?

@lyliawisteria @kawaiipunk I learned about that from my electronics teacher a few years ago. He said it worked pretty well.

OTOH, I'm pretty sure that guy had an AOL email address, so take it with a grain of salt.

He mentioned it as an example of a band-pass filter.

@kawaiipunk It means you get ethernet in your bedroom and stay up too late.

I had one of those with ethernet and some wifi repetitor in it too.

I never played competitive video game but I guess it adds latency

@kawaiipunk it’s really dependent on your house’s electrical system, security is ????, and it “feels” like mid-tier wifi

@kawaiipunk ...ok but if that's possible why aren't we just setting up Ethernet to act like a utility? IE have the Modem/Ethernet box or whatever on the outside of the house with the power meter and wiring the Ethernet through the house.

@kawaiipunk Either something something capitalism or "Because that would make sense"?

@MrControl part of the whole problem is that the neighbours have really powerful ISP Wi-Fi routers provided by Virgin Media and they destroy our Wi-Fi.

It's literally a selling point for the ISP to have powerful routers so that they can overwhelm everyone else's.

Market competition plays out on the airwaves

@kawaiipunk some are awful for radiating in places they shouldn't (specifically the amateur radio bands) and considering they turn the wires in your house into aerials that's a lot of radiation that can cause problems.

@M0YNG Oh that's really interesting.

I really don't want to be doing that considering I am aiming to get my ham license some time over the next year 😁

@kawaiipunk they should notch out the amateur bands, and I'm sure many reputable brands do.

But you are still putting a wide range of rf into wires not designed for that.

@M0YNG yeh it makes total sense.

I think we'll probably end up just wiring in Ethernet for reliability.

@kawaiipunk we tried this stuff in a new apartment once but couldn’t get to the 2nd floor for some reason.. if the target has pretty old wiring it seems like less of a problem.

@kawaiipunk Our house has stone walls with some iron content, such that WiFi doesn't even go to the next room, so I'm pretty much forced to use powerline networking. Works fine, although it really depends on the wiring in your home. Mine maxes out at 100Mbps, even though it's rated for 1.3Gbps.

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