Does anyone know any open source rota software?

We need something for a mutual aid project urgently. It needs to be accessible to multiple people in the volunteers working group.

If there isn't an open source solution, we'll have to checkout proprietary shit (recommendation for that also welcome).


By "rota" do you mean "work scheduling" or "a papal curia tribunal"?

Assuming work scheduling, what do you want it to do?

P.S. I was not trying to be obtuse with the rota question. I had to look it up and the papal thing was the first answer...

@bhaugen Shift scheduling.

In UK, it tends to be called a rota in my experience as in "doing the rota".

People in the UK clearly speak a different language....;-)

@kawaiipunk I wonder if karrot is usable for your purpose. Main feature is coordinating tasks between a group of trusted people...

We initially focused only on foodsaving groups, but have a general purpose group type too now.

@nicksellen possibly. Problem is it's not a group of trusted people. We have over a 100 volunteers.

@kawaiipunk we have a bunch of groups of that kind of size. I emphasised "trusted people" as the groups usually have some kind of in-person connection too.

each group has an "apply to join" process to enter, you can give "trust" to give editing rights, and conflict resolution + voting for removing users.

I'd be happy to talk you through any of the features, etc. if you want to evaluate. or poke around on 😀

@kawaiipunk Do you know ?

Have written some software tools for Northampton Mutual Aid group. I think it's quite large group too.

I can ping them on twitter.

@kat @kawaiipunk awesome stuff listed; i liked Karrot when i looked at it some months ago.

If none of it works quite how you need, @agaric is starting to build some room scheduling capability for Encuentro5 in Boston and could certainly look at shift scheduling as well.

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