Honestly Chaos Congress is a sea of white people. Is it just me noticing this? I feel like it's not even talked about. We need to do better. Our movement is essentially a failure until all hackers feel able to attend.

This means we need to actually take action to make black and brown folks feel comfortable and welcome at Congress.

I think it's something that can be worked on.

Apparently ten years ago, Congress was 90% male.

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Thoughts off the top of my head:

1000 free tickets for people of colour.

Invite more poc speakers

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It might have to be thousands of tickets really to even make a start on this.

Is anyone who's involved in organising congress even talking about this?

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@kawaiipunk I'd like to be part of the solution. Who is willing to join me to find strategies achieving a betterment?

@kawaiipunk The biggest expense isn't the ticket. It's flying there and staying in hotels and things like that. If you're on benefits or minimum wage or are a precarious gig worker there is no realistic way that can happen, and becoming someone's charity case isn't a good option either.

@bob yeh but we can't control that end of things though! Congress tickets are more expensive that plane tickets from the UK.

@kawaiipunk @bob I think there are things we can do. I was at #CCCamp19. Camping in a tent can be cheaper than hotel. And @west was giving out free meals, with optional payment (I paid). That certainly makes attending much cheaper. Maybe more of that?

@kawaiipunk there is going to be a talk on class and congress tonight: Chaos, Communication, Class Consciousness #36C3

@kawaiipunk yeah this is a big problem... And yeah folks aren't talking about it much

@kawaiipunk What makes you think others don't feel able to attend?

@kawaiipunk do you honestly think that our community is safe enough to do this????
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