Any audio engineers/musicians out there in the fediverse??? 🎼

Any tips on recording vocals? This is a pretty general question on purpose but I'm interested if anyone has an interested tricks to recording good vocals in the home studio.

I'm not new to this and I have some good gear already. I'm just curious as to what fun stuff you have tried.

@kawaiipunk It's not specifically for music, but a lot of podcasters suggest recording in your clothes closet—you want lots of soft surfaces around you to minimize echo.

@sanspoint You can get a similar effect by hanging a duvet behind you. You don't want it to sound too dead or boxy though. Soft fabric on the walls is good too.

@kawaiipunk @sanspoint I'm speaking from personal experience here. If you are a guitarist such as I am, let someone else sing. Lol! 😛

@kawaiipunk Just the basics: get a decent condenser mic and pop filter, use smaller, treated rooms (unless you want natural reverb).

De-ess + compress + low-cut, EQ to taste.

Learn how to stack multiple takes in your DAW and comp them / break them out for double-tracking.

Look at a spectrum analyzer for your other tracks and try cutting things in the vocal (~1-3KHz) range to make room without pulling the track volumes down (or pushing the vocal tracks up).

Mix well below 0db, master later.

@kithop yep all these basics are the most important!

Great tip about the frequency analyser! This is a key mixing concept.


A good cardioid / condenser microphone. The best you can afford. the microphone is *the* most important part of the recording "chain".

A pop shield.

Are you mainly singing ballads - do you want to sing intimately? Close-mic is good. and a little compression later - or good mic technique.

Do you have acoustic tiles? Blankets? Soft furnishings etc. no hard, reflective edges?

@voidspace All great tips!

I really need to address the acoustics in this room. Luckily its not square. I only moved in a while back so haven't had time or budget to work on this.

@kawaiipunk Two that have nothing to do with audio gear:

1. Warm up your voice.

2. Sing standing up if you're able to.

@draco Excellent stuff to remember! I wish I could afford a singing teacher.

@kawaiipunk I wish for that, too! I used to have one a couple years ago and of course when I was in music school. I feel like my technique could use some professional feedback again.

@ikssawall thanks. I have lots of software already. I'm actually using under Linux these days.

@kawaiipunk nice designed by ex ableton live , but it's free?

@ikssawall nono it's proprietary af. Also not free as in beer. Far from it 😁

@kawaiipunk Best thing I ever did was to get a good set of closed-back headphones.

@0x0x I've some awesome AKG closed back headphones for like 10 years now and they're still going!

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