Would it be feasible to build a offline-first client that synced all posts to a local database?

You could interact with everything and do your thing and then sync it up to your instance when you had an internet connection again.

That's one aspect of that I really like.

It's seems like it would be possible but I don't know the protocol at all.

@kawaiipunk Yes I think it would. Epicyon isn't designed like that at present, but I do have the framework to potentially use DAT as the transport protocol. If that works it would have similar properties to scuttlebutt.

The main changes for offline first would be that everything would need to be cached, including things like photos/videos.

@bob oh wow, that is some super exciting sci-fi hacker vision! :_earth:

@kawaiipunk i feel like there also need to be a shift in people's expectations of how "live" AP should be

@Sapphicgiraffic @kawaiipunk Yeah, this is the whole point behind msync. It's been slow going, but it's getting there!

@kawaiipunk possible, yet there are not a lot of services that provide ActivityPub client to server[1] capabilities which your question implies.


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