Once more calling out for help:

A bigger #Mastodon instance wants to move out of Crimefl… ahem, Cloudflare, and is looking for an affordable CDN it can move to. We're talking about half a terabyte of data – and it needs, well, a CDN and HTTPS support at an affordable price (so Amazon is out, if it ever was in); and it should be privacy-friendly and ideally FOSS friendly (the latter two are my additions, but feel right).

Any recommendations? Asking for a friend :wink:

Pls boost if you don't know yourself.

@kawaiipunk Thanks, and all Debian sounds good. Ugh, pricing starts at USD 199 for the smallest package… I'll add it to the list. Maybe they have special offers. Never hurts to ask (unless you ask for hurt) :wink:

@kawaiipunk No idea. I just collect ideas for now, then forward them to my friend with some comments to help decide. He's currently on vacation, so my plan was to have the collection ready the day he returns (he cannot check before anyway – and having it ready then instead of starting to collect then means not wasting time 😆).

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