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One big problem with current Activity Pub implementations is that they have no crypto built.

IMO any libre social media paradigm should have transparent signing and end to end encrypted messages built in.

As you can see from Scuttlebutt however, there are many challenges to be overcome when you go down that route.

It is ultimately the way we should be heading. The stakes are too high not to.

Meta, Activity Pub, Mastodon, Fediverse 

@kawaiipunk you talking about encrypted DMs or every post being encrypted?
if every post was encrypted, then there wouldn't be much done in terms of moderation. if you're talking about DMs (which I hope you are) then I don't think Fedi is really good for that

maybe try something like XMPP or if you want decentralized encryption with messaging. Wire or Keybase if you just want encryption in general, without the decentralization/federation

Meta, Activity Pub, Mastodon, Fediverse 

@miro no I mean identities should be based on a key pair and all messages should be signed.

Meta, Activity Pub, Mastodon, Fediverse 

@kawaiipunk I'm guessing that's to make sure that you can verify if the message being sent is from someone you trust? alright

but how would people be able to retrieve their private keys then? with keybase, they have you verify devices using paper keys and other devices. would masto have to use something similar?

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@kawaiipunk Crypto is not magic you can apply to improve any software, e.g. signing all messages (as is done by some AP implementations) leads to loss of plausible deniability for deleted posts
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