Hmm .When I launch Signal desktop, all my tabs in Firefox crash and my CPU cores go to 100%. Is this freedom?

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@eaon Google's new strategy is for the electron framework to attack other competing browsers

@kawaiipunk @eaon It's difficult to avoid facepalming whenever anyone mentions that the Signal desktop app is electron.

@bob @eaon I wouldn't care if it actually worked well πŸ˜ͺ

I heard it's really bad on Windows.

@kawaiipunk I love the idea of Signal but it's really not that great to actually use in my experience? I ended up deleting it after it just didn't bother delivering some of my messages to another Signal user...

@cosmic The Android app is great in my experience. It is very well designed from a privacy perspective and non-techy people can use it no problem.

@cosmic @kawaiipunk Signal Desktop is crammed chock-full of bugs, and every time they fix one, they add two more. This has been going on for a long time.

@kawaiipunk I don't have this problem, but it does take an extremely long time to load, to the point where I'll just forget it's even running and be like "oh wait. I can just type that" over an hour later.

@kawaiipunk same

i've been solving it with pkill -9 firefox
then, once signal has settled, starting Firefox again

maybe i just need more 🐏?

@kawaiipunk your youthful optimism gives me hope, that i'll be able to use this laptop for work for another few years

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