Your boss makes money by not paying you for the full value of your labour.

Pass it on...

lol at reply guys trying to make dismissive jokes.

(not Bob M, Bob is awesome)

@kawaiipunk And a lot of those trillions administered by shell companies in tax havens comes from underpaying people and the whole bag of tricks which companies use to ensure that some people are always undervalued.

@kawaiipunk my store literally has a live tracker of daily labor costs on the screen so when the number is negative we can literally see in real time the money that is being stolen from us whose idea was that?


Reminds me of the old IWW soapboxing shtick:
"Help! I've been robbed!"
(people gather)
"I've been robbed by the capitalist class!"

@kawaiipunk I dare say it's more complicated, but still just as serious. The total salary of all employees involved in the realisation of a product will - as you say - be lower than the value of the employees' total labour. But in a long and complicated production chain there will be employees (esp. in the global north) that are paid much more than what anybody can honestly estimate their labour's value.

@kawaiipunk @KitRedgrave technically true and the amount of labor that goes unpaid nowadays is outrageously high,

but it's also worth noting that it would be impossible to pay 100% of the value of labor and maintain an enterprise, let alone grow it.



If that is a problem for you, go independent/ freelance!

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