Does anyone know any good software for monitoring servers from the outside?

I'm looking to be notified about problems with ping, DNS, http etc via say email or IM (unfortunately we use Telegram rn).

Kudos if it's so easy to deploy and maintain as capacity hella low.

Boosts welcome :boost_ok:

Bonus points if you've actually deployed it!

@kawaiipunk I use uptime robot for there's only some free checks, but for me it's enough (and they even allow me to setup a page with the status information, only adding some of their branding: )

@renatolond good to know! It seems like such a simple thing to have a Foss alternative for considering it's just a GUI on top of basic Unix utilities.

@kawaiipunk I found some alternatives at the time I was looking, I remember some of them seemed simple to setup (using docker or something similar), but I decided to go for a free solution for some time and if needed change later

I remember looking into

@kawaiipunk I use this service for my personal website and I have positive experiences.

@kawaiipunk I made for simple notifications, other monitoring I do with collectd and grafana...

@eaon niceee! This is very cool. Can it send to multiple Signal numbers?


@kawaiipunk yeah, at least if one sets up a group and uses the group address as the recipient. I haven't tested it but that shouldn't be hard to set up given the Signal-cli support

I use Zero effort, doesn't ask for any other details except the site URL and an email.

Only does http/s though. Paid version will tell you when your certs are expiring (not a problem if you use letsencrypt)

@kawaiipunk semi-related, I would federated an uptime robot for you if you find one that's low on consumed resources.

@kawaiipunk what do you mean by “from the outside”? Are you looking for a Blackbox monitoring solution somebody else runs or are you looking for a software you run yourselves on some external VM or container?

@kawaiipunk idk if this fits your parameters but you can configure nagios to check a url (and all sorts of other stuff!) and notify on error

@metaphys ah yes we use Netdata too, it's awesome. However we are looking for something to monitor our servers from the outside. Sometimes the server can still be running but the application crashes on a specific port or the network goes down or has issues.

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